Privacy policy

Date of entry into force: 01 December 2016
Date Modified: 18 November 2016

I. General information.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors. In this privacy policy, we explain how we process your personal data.

By using our websites, applications or other, you give us some of your personal data. You consent to our use of your information and accept the practices described in this policy.

In some cases, providing information and data is essential for the smooth functioning of services. If you are not in agreement with this policy, you are requested not to use our websites or applications or to give us your personal data.

The parties concerned by this policy are the company and you, the user of this site. However, it is defined that the parties are as follows:

A. The owners and operators of this website and certain wholly-owned subsidiaries, the publishers and / or operators of this site are collectively referred to as "Company". When the pronouns of the first person are used in this policy (us, our, ours, etc.), the provisions refer to the operator of this site. In addition, where the terms "site" or "site" are used, the terms refer respectively to sites published and / or operated by the operator, as the case may be.

B. You, the user - As a user of this site, this policy may refer to the user as "you" or by any pronoun designating the second person such as "yours" etc.

C. Potential advertisers - Some people will want to access the site in order to become advertisers on the Site. Without the intention of knowing the conditions of the advertiser offer, these persons are considered as "users" as defined above.

D. Advertisers - Anyone will be considered as such as soon as a potential advertiser accepts our agreement and establishes the advertising to be prepared or published. Advertisers, and related data collection, are governed by the advertiser’s agreement and not by this Privacy Policy. Advertisers are not the user. Please visit www.upforu.net to view the registration process to become an advertiser.

II. Revisions to this policy.

We reserve the right to revise, amend or amend this policy at any time. You should regularly check for changes to this policy; Just go to this web page. For this purpose, you should also take note of the date of the last revision of this policy, which appears at the top of this privacy policy. If the "Last Update" date remains unchanged after clicking your browser’s "refresh" button, you can assume that we have not changed since your last privacy policy reading. The notion of "Last Update" indicates that the policy has been updated or changed, and the version in question replaces all previous versions.

III. Collection of personal information

The use of our site and its services generates multiple points of interaction with us. All information collected is limited to cookies, IP addresses and referral URLs, and other passive information collection devices, as explained below. However, we always request the user’s consent to collect certain information such as: name, email, phone number, age, device identification, and IP address from potential advertisers And we reserve the right to use the information reviewed during the registration process, for example to help a potential advertiser become an advertiser. Therefore, we reserve the right to use the information provided voluntarily by the user.

IV. Use of data

The main use of all collected information is to provide you with better terms of use of the site’s services. Therefore, the efforts deployed are useful for monitoring and helping to ensure cyber security and possible illegal activities such as fraud, harassment and any other form of abuse. We may share this type of information with third parties if necessary in order to require entities to provide external processing or analysis services. Information gathered from potential advertisers can be used to assist marketing research. Voluntary Data may be used in any manner and at our sole discretion, including, but not limited to, promotional purposes and as described in Section VII.

V. Monitoring of third party data.

We currently use third-party services to track usage data collected over time and across sites to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We do not provide any personally identifiable information to third parties, but may choose to collect data on the general activity of our users. The collection and use of this global user data may be subject to the relevant third party advertising agent policy.

VI. Special cases.

Our policy is not to use or share the information of our users for purposes other than those described in this policy. However, we may disclose user information or information about your use of the Services or our websites, if for any reason, without notice and in our sole discretion, we believe it is reasonable to do so, Including but not limited to:

1. To satisfy all laws, regulations, or governmental or legal inquiries for information retrieval;

2. To disclose information deemed necessary to identify, contact or bring legal action against anyone who may be in breach of our Terms of Use and other policies and procedures;

3. To operate our services properly; and

4. To activate or participate in a business transaction such as an assignment, merger, or sale of assets, or even see a bankruptcy. In the case of any of the above activities, you consent to the disclosure, transfer, sale or release of your personal information, which will be recorded as assets of the Company on behalf of third party beneficiaries.

VII. Electronic communication.

Unless otherwise stated below in relation to advertisers, the Company does not currently have a system for systematic collection of emails because it does not intend to send promotional communications to its users. Notwithstanding, the Company expressly reserves the right to modify this policy and do so in the future without notice. Implementation of any changes to the pre-existing practice will be reflected in the site’s privacy policy. We urge our users to periodically review the terms of this policy in order to remain aware of any changes.

VIII. Security of data.

We take reasonable steps to protect the transmission of all user information. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee that our security measures will prevent malicious third parties, cyber-criminals, from obtaining this information illegally. We are taking reasonable measures to prevent violations, but given the ingenuity of cyber criminals we are unable to guarantee total security.

In addition, we do not provide user information to third parties; Nor will we sell, lease or provide your information to other entities. The site may contain advertisements in the form of banners / links to third party sites and you understand and acknowledge that browsing on third party sites will contain policies and procedures that are different from ours. If you access the site of a third party, we encourage you to read and understand the site’s navigation policies and procedures.

IX. Where to ask questions about our privacy policy.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the practices described above, you can contact us at contact@upforu.net

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